ABS tool cases

18 Products Prices excl. VAT
Product Product no. Quantity
Tool case BASE (Pocket) Campaign 70050125
Tool case BASE (Loops) 70050230
Tool case BASE (Modul) 70050365
Tool case FLEX (Pocket) 70060130
Tool case FLEX (Loops) 70060143
Tool case FLEX (Modul) 70060156
Tool case GO (Pocket) Campaign 70070130
Tool case GO (Loops) Campaign 70070143
Tool case GO (Modul) 70070156
GO Pocket-kit Tool- and cover board 70070360
Tool case SHARK (Pocket) 70143152
Tool case SHARK (Modul) 70143165
Tool case RHINO (Pockets) Campaign 70145172
Tool case RHINO (Modul) 70145185
Tool case TOUGH (Loops) 70518105
Tool case TOUGH (Pocket) 70518205
Tool case TOUGH (Pocket) 70518305
Tool case TOUGH (Pocket) 70518405

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