Rafter Square 305x305 mm in aluminium and black-oxide finish

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This Rafter Square (also called speed square) is a robust and versatile tool for all craftsmen. It features a solid aluminum body with CNC-machined edges for greater accuracy and durability.

The tool allows you to make fast and precise 45° and 90° markings. Its thick edge is also useful as a saw guide – it can be used directly with the saw against the square for cross cuts or angled cuts. Use the scribing notches to create a pencil line or for when cutting plaster with a knife.

Lastly it can be used as a protractor, for easily finding and marking various common angles. The tool has scales for cutting hip, valley and jack rafters.

  • Size: 305x305 mm (12")
  • 0-90 grader
  • Tolerance: ± 0,06 degrees
  • Solid aluminum body with CNC-machined edges for greater accuracy and durability
  • Low-glare matte finish
  • Graduations are laser etched, highly resistant to wear and numbers are highly visible
  • The thick edge is useful as a saw guide
  • Scribing nothes
Product specifications
  • Barcode
  • Material
  • Product type
    Rafter Square
  • Tolerance
    +/- 0,06 degrees
  • Stock length
    305x305 mm
  • Gross weight
    0.520 kg
  • Net weight
    0.520 kg
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