This time we are welcoming a new agency - Magswitch, an upgraded version of the bevel square
(which has now been made even smarter) and a new, complete program on tank dipping tapes and dip weights for depth measurement.



Magswitch produces high quality magnetic tools. Their focus is to create unique solutions and magnetic tools that can optimize workflows. This means, that they offer unique solutions within welding magnets, as well as lifting and holding magnets.

Product of the month
Bevel square - upgraded version

Stronger blade, mm-scale on the side and a smarter work flow

We have given our sliding bevel square an upgrade with item number: 10427425. A mm-scale has been added to the blade, which is also made stronger. Moreover, it's now possible to draw a straight line along the blade - without a disturbing handle due to a new location of the wing nut.

Please note!
Item number 10427425 now replaces following item numbers:

  • 10427200: Bevel square 200 mm
  • 10427250: Bevel square 250 mm
  • 10427300: Bevel square 300 mm
  • 10427430: Bevel square 300 mm with stainless steel blade and lock-function

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