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Product Product no. Quantity
NOGA deburrer blade BS1010 S10 HSS (62-64Rc) 61120405
NOGA deburrer blade BS1011 S10 LH HSS (62-64Rc) 61120408
NOGA deburrer blade BS1012 S10 HSS-TIN (62-64Rc) 61120410
NOGA deburrer blade BS1016 S10 Carbide (62-64Rc) 61120411
NOGA deburrer blade BS2010 S20 L/R HSS (62-64Rc) 61120415
NOGA deburrer blade BS2012 S20 L/R HSS-TIN (62-64Rc) 61120420
NOGA deburrer blade BS2015 S20 L/R Carbide (62-64Rc) 61120421
NOGA deburrer blade BS3010 S30 HSS (62-64Rc) 61120425
NOGA deburrer blade BS3003 S30 HSS-TIN (62-64Rc) 61120428
NOGA deburrer blade BS3510 S35 L/R HSS (62-64Rc) 61120430
NOGA deburrer blade BS6001 S60 HSS (62-64Rc) 61120435
NOGA deburrer blade BS1018 S100 Cobalt (65-67Rc) 61120440
NOGA deburrer blade BK1010 S101 HSS (62-64Rc) 61120445
NOGA deburrer blade BK1011 S101 LH HSS 61120446
NOGA deburrer blade BK1012 S101 HSS-TIN (62-64Rc) 61120448
NOGA deburrer blade BK3010 S150 HSS (62-64Rc) 61120450
NOGA deburrer blade BK3112/ BK3103 S150 HSS-TIN 61120453
NOGA deburrer blade BK2010 S202 L/R HSS (62-64Rc) 61120455
NOGA deburrer blade BS9110 HSS Non-Scratch (62-64Rc) 61120480
NOGA deburrer blade BN1010 N1 HSS (62-64Rc) 61125405
NOGA deburrer blade BN1012 N1 HSS-TIN (62-64Rc) 61125410
NOGA deburrer blade BN2010 N2 HSS (62-64Rc) 61125415
NOGA deburrer blade BN2012 N2 HSS-TIN (62-64Rc) 61125420
NOGA deburrer blade BN1310 N10 Cobalt (65-67Rc) 45° 61125425
NOGA deburrer blade BN1410 N10 Cobalt (65-67Rc) 35° 61125428
NOGA deburrer blade BN3010 N3 HSS (62-64Rc) 61125430
NOGA deburrer blade BN6001 N6 HSS (62-64Rc) 61125435
NOGA countersink head BC1211 Ø1-Ø12 mm C12 blade 61130405
NOGA countersink head BC2011 Ø3-Ø20 mm C20 blade 61130410
NOGA countersink head BC3011 Ø3-Ø30 mm C30 blade 61130415
NOGA countersink head BC3201 HSS 90° 0-3,2 mm 61130420
NOGA countersink head BC6301 HSS 90° 1-6,3 mm 61130425
NOGA countersink head BC8301 HSS 90° 1-8,3 mm 61130430
NOGA countersink head BC1041 HSS 90° 1-10,4 mm 61130435
NOGA countersink head BC1651 HSS 90° 1-16,5 mm 61130440
NOGA external deburring blade EX2001 HSS 90° 4-18 mm 61130445
NOGA H.D. external deburring blade EX3001 HSS 90° 8-28 mm 61130450
NOGA blade BR1001 Ø3-5,5 mm ext. and int. deburrer RC1000 61132400
NOGA blade BR2001 Ø5-10 mm ext. and int. deburrer RC2000 61132405
NOGA blade BR3001 Ø10-22 mm ext. and int. deburrer RC2200 61132410
NOGA HSS N80 blade BN8010 for double deburrer type DB1000 61135300
NOGA N80 blade in HSS-E BN8043 for dbl. deburrer type DB1000 61135305
NOGA blade BN7001 HSS for keyway deburrer NG3300 61135310
NOGA N80K HSS blade BN8110 for keyway deburrer NG3300 61135315
NOGA blade BN8143 HSS-E for keyway deburrer NG3300 61135320
NOGA blade BN9009 in HSS for keyway deburrer NG3300 61135325
NOGA V-blade BL4001 HSS for V-type cutter NG3200 61135330
NOGA V-blade BL3001 HSS for V-type cutter NG3200 61135335
NOGA O-ring blade BO1001 HSS for O-ring deburrer NG1100 61135340
NOGA thread cleaner blade BC1001 HSS for NG1600 61135345
NOGA slot cleaner blade BL1001 61135360
NOGA PC6100 Blade for Inner and Outer reamer PC6000 61300350

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