Measuring tape

9 Products Prices excl. VAT
Product Product no. Quantity
Measuring tape 3,0 meter w. auto-lock Width 16 mm 10313030
Measuring tape 3,0 meter Auto-lock width 16 mm 10313235
Measuring tape 5,0 meter Auto-lock width 19 mm 10313250
Measuring tape 7,5 meter Auto-lock width 25 mm 10313275
Measuring tape 3,0 M x 16 mm model 39-3016 10313305
Measuring tape 5,0 M x 19 mm model 39-5019 10313315
Measuring tape 3M x 16 mm Auto-lock, White tape (matt) Campaign 10313710
Measuring tape 5M x 19 mm Auto-lock, White tape (matt) Campaign 10313720
Measuring tape 7,5M x 25 mm Auto-lock, White tape (matt) Campaign 10313730

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