Scrapers NOGA

35 Products Prices excl. VAT
Product Product no. Quantity
NOGA Mini scraper NG3700 with D50 triangular blade 61200125
NOGA Universal scraper SC1000 with T120 triangular blade 61200130
NOGA Universal scraper SC8000 double triangular blade T80 61200135
NOGA Mini scraper NG3710 with cranked blade D66 61200140
NOGA scraper NG3610 with T60 single blade with NF10 thread 61200143
NOGA mini scraper YT1100 with D75 triangular blade 61200145
NOGA Mini scraper YT1200 with double triangular blade T80 61200150
NOGA Ceramic scraper CR1100 with fixed Convex blade 61200215
NOGA Ceramic scraper CR2000 w. exchangeable Convex blade 61200225
NOGA Ceramic scraper CR2300 w. exchangeable Concave blade 61200230
NOGA Ceramic scraper DB5000 with double burrs 61200235
NOGA Ceramic scraper NC5100 with exchangeable blade 61200255
NOGA Ceramic scraper NC5200 with exchangeable blade 61200260
NOGA handle type UH1000 for scraper blade T120 (plastic) 61203200
NOGA alu handle SC1400 for N holder and scraper blade T120 61203210
NOGA Handle type SC1300 for scraper blades type D 61203215
NOGA handle type YT1000 for all adjustable scraping blades 61203220
NOGA D holder EL05003 for scraper blades D50 og D66 61203225
NOGA TN holder EL0608 for scraper blade T40/T60 NF10 61203240
NOGA scraper blade BD5010 2,5x50 mm triangular 61204100
NOGA scraper blade BD5501 carbide 2,5x50 mm triangular 61204105
NOGA scraper blade BD6610 2,7x50 mm cranked 61204110
NOGA scraper blade BD7501 2,5x75 mm triangular 61204115
NOGA scraper blade BD7701 2,7x75 mm cranked 61204120
NOGA T60 scraper blade BT6001 triangular 7,4x120 mm with NF10 61204123
NOGA scraper blade T80 BT8001 triangular blade 4,2x80 mm 61204125
NOGA ceramic scraper blade CR2200 convexed shape 61204210
NOGA ceramic scraper blade CR2500 concave shape 61204225
NOGA ceramic scraper blade CR5100 V shape 61204230
NOGA ceramic scraper blade CR6000 Soft-Cut blade 61204240
NOGA ceramic scraper blade CR6100 Hard-Cut blade 61204255
NOGA handle CR2100 for ceramic CERA-CUT blade 61204280
NOGA handle NC5000 for ceramic blades CR6000+CR6100 61204290

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