KAPRO SMARTY 946 10 cm Clip-belt level with OPTIVISION and magnet

Product no.: 10464010
Accuracy 0,5 mm / meter
KAPRO no. 946
EAN no. 7290100848425
Net weight 0.173 kg
Gross weight 0.186 kg
SMARTY includes OPTIVISION™ for visibility and includes gradient lines. With a durable cast aluminum body for strength, shock proof rubber which provides for a great grip and protection. Includes rare earth magnets when the application requires them. Includes a belt clip housing that allows the SMARTY to be at your side at all times. OPTIVISION™ RED technology: Creates highly visible red bubble edges, for exact placement between the reading lines and optimal vision in low light. Increase vial visibility by up to 8 times. Perfect for: Carpentry, construction and cabinet installation.

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