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CURV-O-MARK CONTOUR Center Head Standard (J1879) Campaign 35170210
CURV-O-MARK CONTOUR Center Head Jumbo (J1880) Campaign 35170225
CURV-O-MARK CONTOUR Dial and Level for center marker (J1905) New 35170280
CURV-O-MARK CONTOUR Centering pin (J1906) New 35170290
CURV-O-MARK CONTOUR Universal Level (J1904) New 35170330
CURV-O-MARK CONTOUR PRO-MAG Level (J1881) New 35170340
CURV-O-MARK CONTOUR Dual Angle Flange Level (J1891) New 35170350
CURV-O-MARK CONTOUR Welding Protractor (J1882) New 35170360
CURV-O-MARK CONTOUR Pipe Flange Aligner (J1883) New 35170375
CURV-O-MARK CONTOUR Flange Aligner Base (J1903) New 35170380
CURV-O-MARK CONTOUR Radius Marker Mini (J1884) New 35170400
CURV-O-MARK CONTOUR Radius Marker Small (J1885) New 35170410
CURV-O-MARK CONTOUR Radius Marker Standard (J1886) New 35170420
CURV-O-MARK CONTOUR Radius Marker Jumbo (J1887) New 35170430
CURV-O-MARK CONTOUR Circle-Ellipse projector Ø38-457 mm (J1888) New 35170500
CURV-O-MARK CONTOUR standard marker (J1874) New 35170510
CURV-O-MARK CONTOUR jumbo marker (J1877) New 35170520
CURV-O-MARK CONTOUR marker combo adapter (J1875) for standard marker New 35170522
CURV-O-MARK CONTOUR marker combo adapter (J1878) for jumbo marker New 35170524
CURV-O-MARK Wrap-a-round 164B Black (Medium) 175°C/350°F Ø3-6" (J1858) Campaign 35170610
CURV-O-MARK Wrap-a-round 176B Black (Large) 175°C/350°F Ø3-10" (J1859) Campaign 35170620
CURV-O-MARK Wrap-a-round 177B Black (XL) 175°C/350°F Ø4-12" (J1860) Campaign 35170630
CURV-O-MARK Wrap-a-round 179B Black (XXL) 175°C/350°F Ø6-16" (J1861) Campaign 35170640
CURV-O-MARK Wrap-a-round 164GG Grey (Medium) 280°C/550°F ØD 3-6" (J1867) Campaign 35170710
CURV-O-MARK Wrap-a-round 176GG Grey (Large) 280°C/550°F Ø3-10" (J1868) Campaign 35170720
CURV-O-MARK Wrap-a-round 177GG Grey (XL) 280°C/550°F Ø4-12" (J1869) Campaign 35170730
CURV-O-MARK Wrap-a-round 179GG Grey (XXL) 280°C/550°F Ø6-16" (J1870) Campaign 35170740

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