Setting rings

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Product Product no. Quantity
Setting Ring Ø4 mm 10283115
Setting Ring Ø5,5 mm 10283120
Setting Ring Ø6 mm 10283122
Setting Ring Ø8 mm 10283125
Setting Ring Ø10 mm 10283130
Setting Ring Ø11 mm 10283135
Setting Ring Ø13 mm 10283137
Setting Ring Ø16 mm 10283140
Setting Ring Ø17 mm 10283145
Setting Ring Ø25 mm 10283150
Setting Ring Ø30 mm 10283153
Setting Ring Ø35 mm 10283155
Setting Ring Ø50 mm 10283160
Setting Ring Ø60 mm 10283165
Setting Ring Ø70 mm 10283170
Setting Ring Ø80 mm 10283175
Setting Ring Ø90 mm 10283180
Setting Ring Ø100 mm 10283185
Setting Ring Ø125 mm 10283190
Setting Ring Ø175 mm 10283195
Setting Ring Ø225 mm 10283200
Setting Ring Ø275 mm 10283205
BOWERS XTR3M setting ring 2,50 mm incl. certificate 12125610
BOWERS XTR5M setting ring 4,00 mm incl. certificate 12125615
BOWERS XTR7M setting ring 5,00 mm incl. certificate 12125620
BOWERS XTR8M setting ring 8,00 mm incl. certificate 12125625
BOWERS XTR12M setting ring 12,50 mm incl. certificate 12125630
BOWERS XTR20M setting ring 20,00 mm incl. certificate 12125635
BOWERS XTR35M setting ring 35,00 mm incl. certificate 12125640
BOWERS XTR65M setting ring 65,00 mm incl. certificate 12125645
BOWERS XTR80M setting ring 80,00 mm incl. certificate 12125650
BOWERS XTR125M setting ring 125,00 mm incl. certificate 12125655
BOWERS XTR175M setting ring 175,00 mm incl. certificate 12125660
BOWERS XTR225M setting ring 225,00 mm incl. certificate 12125665
BOWERS XTR275M setting ring 275,00 mm incl. certificate 12125670

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