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Product Product no. Quantity
Cross vial of Plastic 10457065
Circular vial w. angle f. screw on levelling rods 10457070
Circular vial Ø17 mm w. Ø25 mm foot f. thread 10457077
Circular vial Ø24 mm w. thread 10457079
Circular vial Ø20 mm w. grooves 10457080
Circular vial Ø14 mm acrylic glass 10457086
Circular vial Ø20 mm acrylic glass 10457089
Circular vial Ø40 mm acrylic glass 10457092
Circular vial Ø30 mm flange Ø20 mm acrylic glass 10457096
Circular vial Ø60 mm flange Ø34 mm acrylic glass 10457098
Circular vial Ø100 mm flange Ø75 mm acrylic glass 10457100
Line level 80 mm with acrylic glass and 2 hooks 10457200

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