Weighing scale

8 Products Prices excl. VAT
Product Product no. Quantity
Weighing Scale Capacity 3 kg / Readability 0,5g with LED display Campaign 18560205
Weighing Scale Capacity 6 kg / Readability 1,0g with LED display Campaign 18560215
Weighing Scale Capacity 15 kg / Readability 2,0g with LED display Campaign 18560225
Weighing Scale Capacity 30 kg / Readability 5,0g with LED display Campaign 18560235
IP68 bench scale capacity 3 kg / Readability 1g with stainless steel housing New 18560280
IP68 bench scale capacity 6 kg / Readability 2g with stainless steel housing New 18560285
IP68 bench scale capacity 15 kg / Readability 5g with stainless steel housing New 18560290
IP68 bench scale capacity 30 kg / Readability 10g with stainless steel housing New 18560295

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