One of the leading suppliers to the industrial market in Scandinavia


Diesella A/S is one of the leading suppliers to the industrial market in Scandinavia. We offer a wide range of measurement tools, test- and control tools, machine accessories, Machine vices and more. We stock approx. 94% of our complete program, which enables us to deliver to most destinations in Denmark and Scandinavia within 24-48 hours. Our program is sold exclusively through professional Dealers and re-sellers throughout the Nordic region and selected countries in the EU.

The company got its actual start in 1992 and today has the same ownership as the former Diesella Produktion A/S, which was founded in 1947. The company employs 13 people at its head office in Kolding, Denmark as well as 2 employees at the company's office in Beijing, China.

Credit rating

Diesella's credit rating is estimated to the higest credit rating AAA which is your assurance of a serious and reliable business partner.

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