Returns & complaints

Returns and complaints

12-month right of complaint is granted from the date of purchase.

Diesella is not liable for defects and deficiencies due to improper operation, careless handling, overload, inadequate maintenance or storage and use in humid or wet areas, unless the tool is particularly useful for this purpose. If deliveries prove to be defective, the buyer is obliged to do so within 14 days. If the complaint is not made or the buyer complains too late, the buyer loses the right to claim the defect.

return fee of 10% is charged unless there is a complaint or repair.


In the event of ALL complaints or exchanges, the return number MUST be requested from Diesella before return can take place. Guidance regarding complaints and returns can be found here:


If the return package does not have a return number and reason for complaint or return; a fee of EUR 33 is charged.

The buyer is also responsible for proper packaging of the returned item. If the item and/or packaging is damaged on receipt, Diesella can also charge a decoration on the return item.


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Guide to returns and complaints

In the event of return and/or complaint cases, Diesella A/S must always be contacted for further agreement on this.

In order to process any case of the above quickly and professionally, there must be a return number on the package upon arrival at our warehouse. The return number is only available by contacting Diesella by mail or phone. Remember that we need to use the invoice number when we create a return case.



1. The return case is created at Diesella and assigned a return number
2. The return item order is sent by e-mail to you

3. The return item order is printed and attached to the item to be returned


Please note! If a package without a return number is received, the processing will take longer. In addition, there will be a return fee of EUR 33.​

In the event of any shortage cases, or small repairs, please get in touch so that we can solve the cases quickly and without problems for the common good.

We would like to emphasize that the above is solely to provide you with the best and fastest service and support.


Download guide to returns and complaints below